Hair loss shampoo is the best way to prevent hair loss!

In most cases, hair loss in women who did not create a complete baldness, as is the case with men, but also so many hair loss may lead to thinning concrete, thin hair and date of general calamity and actual distress.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is common enough, estimated to be 20 to 30% of all women suffer's shaking at any level, and in particular the case of women aged 40 and older (one in every three women in this age group experienced the phenomenon of hair loss).

There are many reasons leading them to drop out of the hair - and quite a few ways to reduce the loss and even prevent it altogether, while there are also effective methods to suppress the results of hair loss that has already occurred.

The main reasons for hair loss in women

As stated when the phenomenon of hair loss women are suffering a high percentage, as the main reasons for thinning hairs:

Incorrect care routine: speculation, at least for most women, are extremely sensitive organ and wrong conduct for which may damage them and result in dropouts. For example, excessive hair drying, painting the harmful substances and even Coco squeezing every cause hair loss. Maintenance for Hairdresser integrity and experience would greatly reduce hair loss for this reason.

 * Hormonal changes: too low a level of estrogen (female sex hormone) can lead to hair loss increased - every woman singing naturally a few dozen hairs every day, but hormonal imbalances and in particular stated low level of estrogen increases the volume of drop-out and reduces the growth The new hairs. In particular this phenomenon occurs after birth and when the man reaches menopause. Even abnormal activity of the thyroid gland and prolonged use of birth control pills creates an undesirable above.

 * Nutritional deficiencies: the lack of a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins, too low amount of protein (for the purpose of hair growth the body needs amino acids found in proteins) and a low level of vitamin B12 - all these can cause them to drop out.

 * Alopecia areata: a disease that causes the immune system Lhkrhh result of her action disrupted and it identifies the follicles of hairs as enemies and fight them. In some cases the disease goes away empty-handed in a few months.

 More exposed to the phenomenon of hair loss women with problematic genetics and who pool characterized by considerable psychological tension. More exposure to chlorine in the pool and sea salt is also harmful as seasons such as diabetes, lupus or anemia and even certain medications.

Why cases of hair loss women need high-quality solutions in particular?

In case of hair loss women especially need high-quality solutions, since this phenomenon creates real harm femininity and sense of self-esteem in general.

Since there are many reasons leading to hair loss, it is important first to accurately diagnose the specific factors for each woman and accordingly formulate the solution.

Among the options for treating hair loss in women:

* Shampoo contains stimulating and restorative materials such as nioxin which contains Ginkgo extract quinine tree, various vitamins, grape seed and more.

* Special ampoules also contain substances that strengthen the roots of the hairs and accelerate new hair growth.

* Hair extensions - a field that has developed in recent years and now you can find any extra transcend Patchy hair and hide areas where significant deterioration.